Sports for Fitness

Sports for Fitness

Trying to get into shape is a big enough challenge, you already know you’re going to have to get off the couch and start doing some exercise.  You’re probably plotting out  fitness routine or taking some classes at the gym.  Have you thought about playing a sport instead?  Sports can get you into shape and you’ll be flexing some muscle in a way you will at least enjoy.  You can meet new people or hang out with old friends and it can be a good way to blow off some steam after a long day in the office.

Team Sports

All sports, but team sports in particular use a wide variety of skills that are applicable to everyday life.  Team building and think strategically are two of the most common.  The mental element of playing sports, when you are pitting your skills against another team is a big part of the appeal for many players.  Chasing a touchdown, goal or dunking a basket is just the result of your strategy working.  Participating in a sport can not only help you achieve your fitness goals and get into better shape it’s also extremely effective in combating the stress of everyday life.  Getting your blood pumping a couple of times a week can help stave off heart attacks and strokes from your office life.

Improving Fitness

Playing sports can combine the two types of exercise you need most, cardiovascular health and strength training.  You get stronger from using and shaping your muscles through movement and natural resistance.  Your basketball doesn’t need to weigh 50lbs to gain a benefit from dribbling it across the court.  This can help turn fat into muscles and it’s great for just toning up.

Almost every sport involves some type of running or fast movement designed to increase your heart rate.  This goes to improving your lung capacity and stamina.  You’ll find yourself less winded the more you play.  The combination of the two promotes weight loss, improves your reflexes and gets you fit faster than you think.  Competitive sports are an ideal way to get into shape.

There are organized sports nationwide, you can check with you local YMCA there are plenty of indoor sports that are played there year round.  Check online for a sports association near you to get some more information about teams nearby.  You won’t have a hard time finding a sport that works for you.  You can enjoy the sport while getting in shape at the same time.  Remember tough it’s just a game and you’re there to enjoy it.